What is this blog thing?

elliottelford.com is a website that I built to share my art and create an interactive online experience. We are working on the interactivity part ;). This is alo an online resource. My goal is to disseminate and distribute information and resources that will help you to live a healthy, happy, and more active lifestyle. I also share my journey as it I walk my path.

In this site you can find:
-FREE recordings from my yoga classes
-Artwork and music from the E.T. music project
-My yoga teaching schedule at East Wind Yoga
-Free Downloads of Albums from the E.T.
-Articles on topics ranging from anatomy,
to Hindu mythology, to my travels in Asia,
to my experiences at the KPJAYI in Mysore India
-Reviews of teachers, yoga studios, and other experiences
-Short stories and Fiction that I write for fun (hopefully books…eventually…)
-Music from my yoga classes
-Sequences I teach and pose variations that I employ
-Honest discussions about the world that we inhabit
-Lots more…