Hybrid Yoga

I am supposed to teach a hybrid yoga class on Friday. This is supposed to mean that I give a portion of the class to Bikram style and a portion of the class to Ashtanga, but I haven’t really figured out how it should work yet.

I love hold poses. So maybe flowing into holding poses would feel amazing. But I also love transitions with mountain pose.

Eagle is the obvious first pose that comes to mind, followed by Hasta Padagustasana, dancers, and warriors, all of which are shared between Bikram and Ashtanga. Maybe just let people hold eagle pose for an hour? The standing poses will definitely be interesting to watch.

Warmup shouldn’t be too bad, just start off with Malasana and Sun Salutes, right? Maybe throw a happy baby and a couple spinal twists beforehand. Cooldown goes straight into pidgeons.

hmm, that wasn’t too hard. Can’t wait to teach my first class; it feels right that its free. Not that I don’t put lots of effort into what I teach, but I like giving. It comes back bigger and better.

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