Its Almost Time to go to India

I feel India calling me. A lot of people try to dissuade me from going, using excuses like: the food is horrific, its dirty, there’s shit everywhere, its unsafe, you’ll get sick, etc. I think that these are great reasons for other people to avoid it.

I feel that in order to truly understand anything, we must give ourselves to it. To the origin of it, the vibration of its beginning. This is why I will go to India. This is why I will study under Sharath. Its only a matter of time.

I’m not trying to be cliche, or superficial by saying this. I just want more depth, more passion, more grounding in my practice each and every day. And in order to have that, I need to surround myself with people who have the passion, who have the drive to build their lives around yoga. Maybe I’ll find them in Mysore.

2 Replies to “Its Almost Time to go to India”

  1. Oh do go to India! It’s spectacular in so many ways. The ‘capital’ for yoga is Rishikesh. You’ll love India, and there’s a good chance you may also hate it, but you will never never regret the experience. Mind-blowing. A good book – ‘India Bites you Somehow’
    We’ve been twice – once for 3 months to meditate at Ramana Maharshi’s Ashram, and again for 2 months to travel around the north. Just search ‘India’ on the blog for my posts about it.
    Thanks for the ‘likes’ on the Candelaria and Cusco posts.
    Good to meet you. Cheers, Alison

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by. I am likely going to Mysore, but I’ll be sure to make it over to Rishikesh. It sounds like an amazing place, though I question how clean the Ganges is 😉

      Good to meet you as well, great info, thanks again!


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