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I sometimes struggle with the concept of playing music in a yoga class. Experiencing music in a class is great, but many times it can detract from the depths of the yoga meditation. By the same token, sometimes it can deepen stretches and even the breath. I think the music’s efficacy really depends on the genre of music being played and the ability of the teacher to set ambiance and mood.

A big factor is the charisma of the teacher. Someone like Bryan Kest can teach without music because his dialogue is extremely entertaining anyways. Sometimes it is nice to have music simply to provide background noise to drop into, and some teachers work really well with playlists. I think it really depends on the type of music and the ability of the teacher to manage it.

Music is incredibly uplifting and transcendent in a yoga class; many of my favorite classes have also had incredible playlists. Savasana is one of those poses where you have to really manage the ambient sound so sometimes a soft love song can top of a class perfectly. A lot of it is about timing and a lot of it is about choosing music that flows well together.

I am definitely for music in yoga classes, but I also like to have some classes where there is no music occasionally. I think that music is incredibly healing, but it can also detract from the internal focus of the yogi. Another aspect to consider is being able to meditate despite the distraction of music.

By the same token, humans are vibrational in nature; its part of the reason that we love drums, dancing, and singing so much. So allowing music that resonates with your soul into the yoga room can help others to transcend as well. Something like chanting can also help others to reach states of transcendence. In conclusion, it is important to recognize what the teacher has to offer and how much charisma they have when considering the music situation. So do what feels right….

Please share your favorite yoga music and artists in the comments 🙂

2 thoughts on “Music in Yoga”

  1. Paisley Close

    I’m of the thought that it takes me out of my yoga practice. Sometimes at home I play spa-type music when practicing, but usually silence is the best. I love to listen to the music of my breath and be witness to my thoughts without distraction. Whether to play music or not was one of the most hotly debated topics in the last teacher training I led! Problem is, everyone likes different music!

    1. I agree with you Paisley. I think a key is to find music that really speaks to what you are teaching, if one uses music at all. But it can definitely distract from your thoughts and breathing so I think I am starting to agree more with you! Thanks for visiting and commenting 🙂

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