What I do

There are three things that I consider as dharma in my life:

  1. Exploring the world
  2. Learning Yoga
  3. Self-expression (creating, writing, music, painting, websites, whatever I am doing)

I hope to one day be able to support myself by blogging as I travel the world looking for spiritual experiences and living on the road. I think this would be the best way to stay consistently inspired by my world. My yoga practice is very dear to me and I will continue to share my experiences through a yogi lens as the blog and my life, evolve.

I will also be adding more of the fantasy that I am writing to this blog, mostly short stories, at least for now. If you’ve heard me talk about Maal’ruuk, you know some sick shit is coming. I have some plans in the works, but will not be revealing any of them for quite some time, at least until they are ready.

I do lots of activities in my spare time, skiing, music festivals, yoga pilgrimages, surfing… I try to spend a bit of time exploring new things every so often; and I truly believe that routines and set schedules can easily create stagnation. I try to keep things spiced up and unique so that I can continue to grow and learn as much as the opportunities that are presented to me allow for.

I have a significant amount of experience in internet marketing, though my programming skills are amateur at best. I do love writing and aesthetics, but I have a feeling that some day I will have to learn a lot more about photoshop and CSS. We will have to see about that.

If you are interested in contacting me about a business opportunity, please email me at etelford32@gmail.com.

Please see my schedule if you are interested in my yoga classes.

Please also feel free to connect with me via social media!

Twitter: @ElliotTelford

Facebook: pada yogi

Instagram: pada_yogi

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