Personalized, Customized, Private Yoga Instruction

Private Yoga with Elliot

The unique aspect of private yoga that I truly appreciate is the ability to customize and assist individuals to personalize yoga for their own body. I want to show you the best of the best stretches, stability, and strength exercises for your body type and physiology. Ideally, you shouldn’t feel like you “need” to go to a yoga studio to practice yoga or to get a high-quality, meditative workout. You can create it for yourself! I want to help you to create a self-sustaining practice so that whenever you spend time in the yoga studio, that time compliments your already functional and fundamentally sound yoga practice. I’ll come to you 🙂

I have taught several students privately and find that it is a much easier way to connect an individual to their breath, their body, and their awareness. If you feel that you struggle in yoga classes, particularly with the breathing, then it is a great idea to get some focused, personalized attention.

Introduction – $50

I always prefer to do an introductory class to assess your goals and what you hope to achieve. I also always enjoy learning about you as an individual and your history with yoga, exercise, and health. Normally the introduction lasts 60 minutes and I charge $50. Beyond that, we can negotiate a rate that will work to be mutually beneficial. Usually the rate is pretty consistent. I can also do group classes.

Contact me for more information

Send an email to [email protected]


                   call me at (916)899-3483.

Leave a voicemail with your address, and a time/date that will work for the introduction!

I generally respond quickly, unless I am working during the day or teaching a yoga class, or on an adventure somewhere.


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