Elliot’s Yoga Teaching Schedule

Q. When and where do I teach yoga?

I live in Sacramento, but I teach in Roseville, and Auburn at East Wind Yoga. I try to update this when I sub, or go out of town. Facebook is also a great resource for catching me when I sub classes at EW…

I also update my FACEBOOK PAGE when I sub!

I am currently Teaching yoga exclusively at East Wind. I also instruct private yoga classes, you can read more about them here.

East Wind, Rsvl

Sunday @ 5pm

Tuesday @ 7pm

Wednesday @ Noon

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click for Elliot’s Yoga Schedule¬†at East Wind Yoga website

East Wind Auburn

Thursday 7pm

My philosophy of teaching yoga is to teach to each student as a unique human being. I do my best to keep things as personal as is reasonable and I really do enjoy getting to know all of the people that come to practice yoga with me while I am teaching. I teach directly to the room and to what I see in the individuals that are practicing yoga around me, not to some ideal or concept that I have about how yoga should be. I simply use my own body as a roadmap and try to impart those pathways to my students. I do not believe in rules when it comes to yoga, only the proper application of knowledge: anatomical, physiological, psychological, sociological, and with the ability to see each individual as a human being and not an object, a tool, or customer, or anything other than a potential friend. So I guess there are guidelines, but as the yogi, you make them for yourself.

Hope to see you on the mat soon!



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