Vishnu’s Bliss

There has to be some significance to the fact that yoga is 2,500 years old. The word yoga in essence means a combination of unison, communion, and connection. I think that yoga is trying to teach that breathing is a pathway to presence, and the body combined with prana-yama is a gateway to bliss. This bliss is described in the mythology.

In the mythology, they say that Vishnu would sit on the body of Ananda, the snake would be like pillows for his head. He would also ride Garuda, his warrior eagle. They said he would sit on the cosmic waves of time and he dreamed the universe into existence. His many hands complete any task that may need doing from his abode in Vaikuntha because he is outside of the realm of human existence.

Vishnu is the most venerated of the three trimurti, which includes Shiva and Brahman. His abode is for those who obtain Moksha, or liberation and are freed from Samsara, or rebirth. He is completely detached, floating through the eternal bliss of his home.

He is also known as the sun god, which is appropriate because the Sun sustains the earth through the trees and plants that we and our livestock eat. It’s a good metaphor for what sustains life on planet Earth. He has 10 avatars, Krishna, Rama, and possibly Buddha being amongst them.

There are some pretty good spiritual lessons to learn from just sitting still, but I definitely think yoga is special, one of the best ways to exercise consistently as well. You can really pay attention so you don’t get injured! And it should be fun, not just totally boring to some hip-hop playlist. Get concentrated, focused, and find those sweet spots deep inside. Keep finding adjustments for yourself until it feels just right.

And have fun. It’s not every day you give yourself this kind of attention is it?

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