X-Men Brings CGI to a New Level

X-Men just blew my mind. I thought that Godzilla was a breakthrough movie for cinematic effects when I saw it a couple of weeks ago. But X-Men just brought the visual effects to a whole new level. The juxtaposition of 30 years in the future and the 1970’s was a great combination and made for a movie that was extremely unpredictable. And, of course, extraordinarily entertaining.

The acting was also excellent, with Hugh Jackman in his tenth or so time as wolverine, Partick Stuart and James McAvoy as Professor Xavier, Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique, Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender as Magneto, Halle Berry as Storm, Nicolas Hoult as Beast, Peter Dinklage in what was surely a breakthrough role on the bigscreen as a human, and an awesome appearance by Fan BingBing as Blink. Damn she was hot in that movie, but she didn’t say a word the entire film. The star was definitely Hugh, followed closely by Fassbender, McAvoy, and Lawrence. Jennifer was great, her role was simply not as pivotal nor as entertaining as Jackman so I can’t say she was the star even though I want to.

I saw it in 3-D and would recommend it. The special effects team had like 500 people on it; they were pretty insanely mind-blowing.

One of the major points of awesomeness was the plot. It seems that films that can time travel do really well (think Fight Club, Momento) with making the plot-line unpredictable. It wasn’t until the last 30 minutes or so that you could see where the movie was going to end-up which is really a sign of great writing.

So go see it as soon as you can. 4 stars out of 4 stars.

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