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Bleep Bloops Bass Sounds will leave you wondering what planet you’re on.

Bleep Bloop’s Music Rages Ahead of Modern EDM

Bleep Bloop or Aaron Triggs is a future legendary Trap producer. He continues to make a name for himself in the bass scene, making future trap and heavy dubstep with G Jones, Proko, NastyNasty and Yheti.

Bleep Bloop uses some interesting and mysterious gear, though its well rumored that he uses a moog sub phatty for a lot of his tracks. Fat licks and heavily distorted industrial inspired basses lace his thick trap beats. His style is pretty similar to G Jones, and they have a good amount of tracks together. Proko and Bleep Bloop made one of my favorite tracks together, Disc Error, definitely listen on soundcloud.

Expect Big Things

Bleep Bloop is leading the way in a style of music that is new to the scene. His dubstep is starting to pick up some massive traction. This year he’ll be supporting Rezz on tour. The quality of his music will only continue to improve with time if he continues to do what he is doing. That makes me pretty excited for the future of EDM.

The West Coast Bass Scene has a lot to look forward to….

Combined with Eprom, G Jones, Proko, Yheti, etc the bass scene in the west has a lot to look forward to. Bleep creates some wonky analogue style sound designs and layers on some thick bass. Then he maxes out distortion and smashes the side chain for some face melting beats. Bleep Bloop brings it when he plays so if you ever get a chance, make sure you’re ready for this kid to blow your mind.

Check out his PV500 Mixtape

Bleep Bloop’s Latest EP: ‘the EP with Five Eyes’

Top 5 Tracks

  1. Water on Mars
  2. Slippin
  3. 404
  4. Disc Error
  5. Venom

Upcoming Tour Dates




G Jones

G Jones continues to excite with his unique style of Future Trap/Dubstep

G Jones – Experimental Bass at its Finest

G Jones is a pioneer of the electronic music scene and has been pushing the boundaries of live performance DJing in the underground for several years. He has played under a few different aliases including Grizzly J, . Greg Jones is the creator’s real name. But G Jones is what the bass music fans are  shrieking alongside Bass Nectar, Bleep Bloop, Yheti, the Widdler, Bleep Bloop, Zeds Dead, Nasty Nasty, and Pretty Lights.

Jones has created with several artists and is definitely a rising star of the bass music scene. His latest album “Visions” is one of the most unique albums ever. It blasts distinctly unique bass sounds designed for louder systems. Check out the album below, stream it on youtube or BUY THE ALBUM (def worth it.)

G Jones’ soundcloud is chalked full of hits so make sure you check out his unique style of dubstep and future trap. Not really sure which it is. Don’t really care.

His latest release of Eprom’s Pineapple is completely ridiculous and true to the style of Visions, which is fairly evolved from his ‘EYES EP‘ four years ago. Also check out his collaborations with Bleep Bloop, including the 4 track ‘MIND EP‘. Also check out Bleep Bloop’s entire discography to melt your brain a bit, the dude has some seriously talented ears for dropping massive and unpredictably delectable dubstep beats into your lap.

Top G Jones Tracks

listen to some of my favorite G Jones tracks below:

G Jones Visual Style

G Jones, like many of the experimental bass artists on the West Coast Underground (see my list of top artists here) is still developing his visual style, however, the momentum that he has going right now is pretty incredible. He has started to team up with Bass Nectar, so expect this artist’s visuals to start pushing EDM further.

The west coast bass scene is continually undergoing major changes. The industry continues to move at a faster and more tremendously unpredictable pace. We get to see how Greg develops the brand of G Jones. And how he continues to reach the underground as he becomes more and more popular.

The Future of Trap and Bass Music

Huge sets in 2018 as well are new releases are a must. Expect this artist to shine in the years to come. Huge releases from Yheti, Bleep Bloop, and Proko lead one to get really excited for the potential of the entire bass music scene. 2018 will be huge for the bass music scene in California as it continues to mature. Find some more info below.

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Pusher - the E.T.

Creating EDM all the time

What I love (creating tracks like Pusher – the E.T.)

Creating music like Pusher – the E.T. is my passion. There is only one other thing that I like to do as much as make music and that is practicing yoga. The two are very equal in my mind. Kind of like opposite ends of a coin. Music is a huge reason that I have been identifying to heavily with Taoism.

The two arts  have many similarities, and in my experience they occupy kind of the same space. Actually, let’s include teaching yoga in that list, even though teaching yoga feels like much more work than either music or practicing yoga. All three help me to hone my creativity into passions that help me to grow as an individual. My music is in its adolescence, but my yoga is pretty mature (after nearly a decade of practicing). Teaching is becoming more and more of a rock for my mind to output creativity, though it is very taxing and it requires tons of energy.

Making music all the time

Sitting down in front of a computer for 8 hours and just writing music for that entire time has become somewhat second nature to me. I’ve even started going all day, for about 12 hours, though its pretty much impossible to do multiple days of that in a row and still make a quality end-product. I feel like that hard work will make my success inevitable, my sound will just be so polished and powerful.

Recently I bought some new software that I am very excited to use in all of my productions. I am working towards a new computer that is ultra fast. But really, nothing holds me back from pursuing the dreamy kind of soundscapy electro bass house that I’ve always loved. Now, I can do it my way, in my own style.

My latest music video for Pusher is a good example of a track that is perfect for a 3D immersive video experience, but I don’t yet have 3D software. I did my best with Magic Visualizer and this is the result, let me know what you think of it!

Pusher – the E.T. (music video)

The E.T. is is creating tons of new music

I also have several other tracks that I am really looking forward to releasing! I’ve sent some to labels, but I think I am going to plan on releasing the album around 9/1. I am trying to get full artwork created for all of the tracks, so here’s to collaborating with other artists! Also, I am making a collaborative track with Beefus B. Stoked on it, his sound is ultra unique.

Also, I am participating in this contest thing with Bruce Lee lyrics. My track is almost composed, just working on the bass for the drops. Check out the trailer, its hilarious:

Check back soon for more yoga, music, and updates about my art.

Download & Stream my latest track, Pusher below:

Electronic Music Artists

(the E.T.’s) Elliot’s Top 25 Musical Influences

Modern EDM Artistry

Modern electronic music artists are incredible tastemakers and curators of the modern form of art that is EDM. Their work is inspiration and has pushed me to explore the world of sound to create vibes that are unique, because like many of the artists, I like the way that certain tracks are composied, the way that certain sounds make you feel. I make music because I love music. My first real exploration into electronic music was through house music and the work of Daft Punk, Cassius, and other French-House artists while I was living in Paris in 2009/10. From there I steadily explored drum and bass, modern dubstep, as well as all sorts of other kinds of bass oriented music.

What tipped me over the edge into production was watching Emoh Instead play live at the Bamboo Stage at Lightning in a Bottle while Flume was a part of What so Not. Ever since then, I’ve been using Ableton Live to come up with sounds and compositions that fit my own tastes.

Now I have a studio setup in my apart, Ableton, Push, Serum, Zebra2, and a ton of other mixing and mastering plugins to hone my sound to highest possible level of quality. But even as I make my own music, I continue to be heavily influenced by my favorite artists.

Here is the list of my favorite electronic music artists below, my favorite albums/tracks from them, and my impressions of their art. Let me know what you think!

Elliot’s List of the Top Electronic Music Artists

The Top

  1. Feedme – Consistently pushing the envelope, putting out bangers, and working within two personas, Feedme’s music is nothing short of ecstatic. Make sure you check out his alter-ego Spor, as well as Feedme’s Great Adventure, which is a fantastic album and all of this electronic music artists new work on the Existential Crisis EP on Mau5trap.
  2. G Jones – G Jones live shows look spectacular, but the vibe of the modern generation is completely apparent in his work. His latest album visions is a trip, one of the best of all time imo, but also look out for any song produced by him, they are all good. My favorite track is Thunderdome with Minnesota. One of my all time favorite tracks, actually. Composition and sound design are top notch.
  3. Proko – Proko’s track are incredibly innovative. Still discovering this artist’s body of work, but he is making some dope ass beats RN. It makes me want to make more trap ha! Listen to When He Drop, the FM frequency modulations are incredible. Time to figure out how he does that sound design…
  4. Daft Punk – Daft Punk is where my musical heart began. Human After All was one of the first albums I ever bought! Lots of modern artists also claim huge influence from their homework and Voyager albums. I’m not a big fan of their more recent work, Get Lucky was a terrible joke for me. From the repetition, to the melodies, to the composition, to the electro vibe, Daft Punk set the stage for modern EDM to become what it has become today, whether or not the kids realize it. Try looking into Le Knight Club for some of the duo’s earliest, most unique funky beats.
  5. Slow Magic – Slow Magic has a sound that is recognizable instantly from other electronic music artists. His tracks are soul-searching examinations of orchestral soundscapes and the ability to create incredible sounds with vocal manipulations. How to Run Away is a staple for the EDM community and Slow Magic is ripe to come out with some new futuristic Chill-Trap any day now.
  6. Flume – Flume is one of my favorite producers, his style is innovation at its core and some of his songs have incredible complexity that very few other electronic music artists can compare to. His music as half of What-so-Not is nothing short of incredible and a lot of his music before his stint with Emoh Instead is a world in and of itself. Pay attention to Harvey as he pushes the envelope with his future bass, future house, and groovy vibe. I’ve heard that his live shows are less than mind-blowing, but have no experience seeing him live. Although, after producing for a while I can totally understand focusing on the quality of music rather than a show that is mind-blowing. Although, it certainly isn’t profitable for Flume, I think it adds to his artistic integrity.
  7. Eprom – Eprom is one of the most innovative electronic music artists of all time. I’ve done a remix of one of his tracks, but I recently haven’t really been feeling his vibe. Waiting for him to come out with a solid album of crazy shit with a tiny bit more organization than usual. But whatever, his sound design is up there with the best.
  8. Yheti – Yheti’s sound design is also incredible, his unique style of trap dominates the dancefloor. This guy is creating some of my favorite stuff, just waiting for that next banger.
  9. DJ Snake – This french producer has taken EDM a step further with his unique style of trap and made his name through a unique style of future bass involving heavy vocal manipulations to make melodies. His songs are incredibly powerful and he is a blast to listen to multiple times. Check out his collab with Justin Beiber, the only song of Justin’s that I’ve ever listened to lol.
  10. Bleep Bloop – Bleep is an up and comer, much like G Jones and actually, I think they might be friends. Bleep Bloop is pushing the sounds of Dubstep, Bass, Trap, and Trip-Hop into the future with his innovation in sound design and mixing; he has some of the best mixes I’ve ever heard. Check out 404, Water on Mars, and when Sound was Sound for my favorite tracks. Make sure you explore his huge discography!
  11. Deadmau5 – Joel is Canadian. So I think he is pretty cool, but also a bit weird, but definitely one of my favorite electronic music artists. I loved ‘I Remember’ with Kaskade‘, but I am not the biggest fan of his most recent work. I recently did a remix of one of his tracks and thought it turned out pretty great, you can listen to it here
  12. Aphex Twin – Aphex Twin, Richard James, is an artist. I thoroughly enjoyed the Come to Daddy music video, most of his work is very strange and completely unique. I mean, look at his website. Can’t say that I have any favorite songs, but am heavily influenced by how he does his live performance and the way that he distributes his message. The lazers are nutzo.
  13. Knife Party – is an Australian duo (I’m not sure why, but I like Australian artists the most, Emoh and Flume are both Australian) that I have liked for over 5 years, which is a pretty long time in EDM. With that said, I’m mostly a fan of Rob Swire and love Pendulum and KJ Sawka’s work. Bonfire, Fire Hive, 404, and really the entire Abandon Ship albums were fantastic.
  14. Nghtmre – Tyler Marenyi is a fantastic composer and I like nearly all of his productions as Nghtmre. He kinda got me into trap, with DJ Snake.
  15. Purity Ring – Another Canadian, saw them live in Sacramento, they were fantastic. I am in love with the vocalist’s silky smooth and also sometimes piercing voice. Also extremely well produced. I’m looking forward to their next album in a big way.
  16. Moksi – These guys make smash hits. Dope sound design and mixes.
  17. Joyryde – One of my favorite new producer. Still waiting for another track like “the box” though. First time I heard it, I thought my brain was on fire haha.
  18. Skrillex – Unique, Versatile, pushes the envelope. Not a gigantic fan, but I appreciate a lot of the older, unique productions.
  19. Clozee – This up and comer has caught my ear on several occasions, I want to see her music live; she has infused a phenomenal eastern influence into her bass heavy productions and her sound is very 3 dimensional.
  20. Odesza – One of my most played edm artists, their tracks are incredible and never seem to get old
  21. Destructo – Beautiful techno-robo-house goodness.
  22. Jauz – still producing killer tracks with the latest, ‘the game’. ‘Deeper Love’ is classic.
  23. Porter Robinson – amazingly powerful tracks, but has a lot of his tracks ghost produced. Also a lot of re-sampling. Kinda lame in comparison to a lot of the modern artists that smash. But I LOVE his music, so he’s redeemed.
  24. Chrome Sparks – Expecting big things from this up and coming artist in the future. Extremely innovative, one of the leaders of the chill scene.
  25. Tipper – Not in love, but in awe. Incredibly artist, Gluch is some of the best sound design/mixing I’ve ever heard.
  26. Tycho – Tycho has some of my favorite chill songs. Timeless. I expect to like the artist more as time goes on.
  27. What so Not – My favorite live act. Emoh Smashes and Flume was one of my favorite producers. Oh well. I hear Flume’s live shows are lame.
  28. Griz – Griz is great, love his funk sound and dubstep tracks.
  29. Big Gigantic – Sax. Dance. Beautiful compositions.
  30. Ghastly – Ready for this dude to create the next level of Composition at all times. Very good story-teller.
  31. Diplo – Diplo is at the bottom of the list for a reason. I feel like he just has a lot of ghost produced tracks. He does have a great ear for the future of sound though and some of his tracks are great, even though I don’t feel like he made them.
  32. Fawkes – Solid House producer, looking forward to more music from this guy.


This is where a lot of my influence comes from and is definitely the reason why I aspire to be one of the electronic music artists. I have spent hundreds of hours listening to many of these artists. Obviously there is more than this, but these are the people and groups that I look to that push things forward. You can Listen to my (the E.T.’s) discography here.

Adapting to the State of the Present

Life is fucking complicated out there. There are a lot of aspects of living nowadays that should NEVER have existed in the first place. Good food is expensive and bad food is subsidized and really, I think this is one of the biggest things to fix in our culture. Life for us humans is very complicated, we have to know how lots of different things work in order to operate successfully in our everyday lives. Cellphones, Cars, Computers, and all of our modern technology can be a bit insane sometimes and it catches up to us through stress an in our bodies. Thank the gods for yoga.

I find myself splitting my time between things constantly. It’s great for someone with ADD, but very difficult to focus on one thing for an extended period of time. Whether its between driving, staying connected to my body, splitting time between Auburn and Sacramento, or splitting my time between yoga, landscaping, and music, my website, landscaping writing, painting, or doing all of the other forms of art that I love to do. Recently, I found myself painting without any real reason other than the need to let go by creating something cool. But it gets tiring to be unable to focus on any one thing for an extended period of time. I try to keep a priority of yoga first, money and survival second, and music third. So far, its working out fine.

Teaching yoga is now a constant. 8 classes a week and I am getting more and more skilled at disseminating my message. I am striving to offer the best possible yoga classes to the students that attend and I think that I am doing a great job of expanding the comfort zones of the people that choose to spend time learning about yoga with me. Most people have very weird perceptions of what yoga is supposed to be.

I realize my own need to continually innovate and am actually finding the need to slow down and ground into teaching what I know. Sometimes I get distracted with the need to constantly feel like I am creating a new experience for people and I need to focus on simply creating and learning during the process.

Music is strife for me and I love every second of it. The industry is very difficult to break into. I feel that my music continues to evolve drastically, culminating in my latest release for an ill.Gates Remix Contest that you can check out below. The track is very unique, the picture links to the track. I also have about 5 other tracks that I will be releasing to my soundcloud very soon.Ill_GATES_remix_comp_theet_entry



I find it incredible how disconnected my culture is, despite all of the different ways that we try to connect, our connections have become more superficial than ever. We drive so so much. and it’s difficult to find ways to connect with newer people, especially with the amount of judgement that people just throw out randomly at strangers. But I think that I am meeting the people that I need to meet, it is just not happening as fast as I’d like it to. Big surprise, I guess.

Ultimately, I think all of the art that I am creating right now will take time to flourish, I still feel that I need a couple more years of learning in order to get to the levels of sound design, mixing, and composition that I want to be at. I feel very confident in my yoga, but ache to return to India and practice in the room full of silent Ashtangis teaching myself the second series.

The East Wind summer challenge is where I find my time going and I look forward to the yoga classes that I get to attend rather than teach. I am always working on expanding my practice and love to spend time simply enjoying my breath work and learning about the intricacies of my body. So hopefully see you around the studio!

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