Practice Yoga

I am doing my best to give you as many resources to practice yoga as possible. Keep in mind, that I strongly believe in both practicing by yourself and practicing with a group and instructor. These two methods do not have to be exclusive in any way and I encourage as much safe experimentation as possible in yoga. The human body is an enormous playground and you should have fun with your yoga practice.

Meditate with Me

I post live videos to X sometimes. Here is a recent recording of a prana meditation I like to do 😀

Youtube Yoga w/ Elliot

I have started a youtube channel called, “Yoga with Elliot”. I want to keep it simple and focus on clear high quality instruction to keep people safe and show them how to properly work into and out of asana. Eventually I hope to do some really advanced videos and am always looking for guests!

Episode 1

Episode 2

Recorded Yoga Classes

I have been recording my yoga classes occasionally for the last 5 or so years, mostly to take my own class to improve. But also to give you recordings for when you are alone and want to exercise!

Remember to try to breath through your nose the whole time like I am!


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