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the E.T.’s Music Videos

This page is dedicated to the music videos that I have created for my music. Please enjoy the videos, subscribe to my youtube channel and share them with your friends! Get ready for modern bass music video adventures!

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Shield Wall

Hi – Electro House

Hi is a unique Electro-House track, with lots of Bass influences, including Porter Robinson, the technical perfection of the duo Disclosure, and mixing masters like Moksi, Ephwurd, and Joyryde. The mix is solid and the bass punches through, a great track for getting parties started!

Kamino – Deep House

Kamino is a deep house track with lots of DJ Snake influenced vocal manipulations. This is probably my cleanest mix yet and PUNCHES on loud systems.

Parallel Futures – French House

Parallel Futures is a French House track, meaning that there is a disco sample that is used for the vast majority of the track as the melodic hook. This is certainly one of my grooviest songs yet, enjoy the rhythm!

Don’t Hide – Future Bass

Don’t Hide is a future bass track that is influenced by Flume and Slow magic and is meant to be uplifting, as well as warming and soothing with its heavy use of 808’s. This is my first video where the cover artwork was used for the video, to tremendous effect, in my personal opinion.

Progress – Electro House

Progress is one of my first compositions that aims at truly telling a story through the passage of time. The Music video is the first one that I ever created. The Cover Artwork is a reprocessed image from Salvador Dali, one of my favorite artists with a museum in Paris, which I visited a couple times while I lived in France.

Alien Dreams – Garage

This is the only music video that I didn’t make myself. The track is rather old, but the composition is really interesting! It reminds me of the Dark Tower books from Stephen King, just because it is so dreamy.

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