EROS, Part 1

the E.T. is proud to present you with EROS! The latest electro house and dubstep album in the continuum of “the E.T.” project. This is the first part of the EROS story-line and includes a download link below with all of the tracks: 

EROS is a virtual reality matrix

The storyline of EROS takes place far into humanities future, after the civil war the ruptured the core of the Earth and the machines decided to decimate the major human cities. In 2296, humanity is all but extinct, living in desperation on the last known humanity colony. The survivors exist within a virtual reality that only a few are aware of. The machines rule ruthlessly under the guidance of the Nemoohan Intergalactic Federation, the toads. Emperor Nemoohan rules his military with an iron fist of chaotic conquest, as he tears through the galaxy in search for the power to rule the universe, unequivocally.

But there is hope…

Nemoohan, although undoubtedly the most powerful being ever to rule the universe, is second in grandeur and destructive might to a race of evasive aliens called Novites, or Novaborn. Their technology is as advanced as their ability to hide in the vast expanses of the space-time continuum. These creatures are the only hope for the universe to avoid being enslaved to the massive emperor toad, Nemoohan. Their technology holds the key.

J’s Quest

J is the star of the show, the hero. He is the last novite, a Novaborn. J is in constant flight from predators looking to harness his technology, but remains one of the last catalogued beings in the cosmos.

Recently the assaults on J hiding spaces have gotten more relentless. But they were no match for his warp tech and AI legions. J-106, J’s trusty mothership followed closely behind J with the authority to move upwards through the time stream, what humans call time travel.

Join J in his escape from Emperor Nemoohan’s evil matrix, EROS.


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