The Bandha’s

Often in modern yoga there are three references Bandha’s, or muscles grouping that interlock. I would like to expand this current paradigm to include the Jihva Bandha, which is very often forgotten, and very very important as a yogi advanced in their practice. There are even further bandha in the eyes, shoulders, hips, knees, ankles, etc. that have not yet been explored in western science, and most likely has been somewhat forgotten in Indian yoga.

The definition of Bandha in Sanskrit is “Bandha (बन्ध, a Sanskrit term for “binding, bond, arrest, capturing, putting together”[1] This concept is broad and can be more broadly used to describe physical reality.

Bandha Research

Mula Bandha | मूल बंध  (Bandhas part 1/4)

Mula Bandha | मूल बंध (Bandhas part 1/4)

The Mula Bandha and the Perineal Muscles Sanskrit for “MULA” – मूल In Sanskrit, Mula means “root”, foundation, origin, source, …
Ashtanga Yoga Founder Krishnamacharya

Uddiyana Bandha | उड्डियान बंध (Bandhas part 2/4)

Uddiyana Bandha is the second yogic muscular lock that occurs at the bottom of the rib cage. Uddyiana bandha is …
Jalandhara Bandha | जालन्धर बंध (Bandhas part 3/4)

Jalandhara Bandha | जालन्धर बंध (Bandhas part 3/4)

Jalandhara bandha is an interlock tucking chin into chest to elongate the back of the neck. This is particularly useful …
"Illu01 head neck" by Arcadian - Licensed under Public Domain via Wikimedia Commons -

Jihva Bandha | जिह्वाबन्ध (Bandhas part 4/4)

The Fourth Bandha The Jihva bandha is an interlock of energy used in yoga to perform certain postures and asana. This …


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