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elliot_telfordElliot Telford

My name is Elliot, I’m 28 and live in Sacramento near Oak Park. I figure I’ll just write this in the first person POV, but isn’t it weird when people refer to themselves in the third person? It always reminds me of Seinfeld.

I teach yoga 3 times at week at East Wind Yoga… you can view my schedule here

I also landscape full time and produce electronic dance music on a daily basis. I am getting better at all of these skillsets, all the time.

My experiences teaching yoga have been changing me significantly recently. I am doing my best to adapt Ashtanga’s lessons to modernize them into the Western vinyasa yoga that is currently popular.

I also teach private yoga classes, you can sign-up or read more about them here

Elliot’s History with Yoga

I feel very blessed and lucky to have found yoga when I was 20. I walked into the East Wind Yoga studio with my mom completely randomly and ended up loving the physical challenge that yoga offered. My world opened in a way that I am still in awe of. I stayed for the mental effects, meditation, and the how yoga can create powerful focus for achieving goals and creating sustained contentment in life.

I teach yoga because the practice resonates with me and I have done my best to assimilate yoga into my life. I am not religious, but I love religion. I was a French major at Gonzaga University and love philosophy and art. Currently, I am teaching yoga full-time and am doing my best to record a lot of my classes; you can access and download the audio from certain classes on this site.

What is Elliot’s Yoga Class Like?

I normally employ breathing exercises at the beginning then move into abdominals, but every class is different. It’s going to be challenging, but not impossible. Pretty close though if you don’t practice yoga regularly.

I think that classes should provide enough challenge for every student in the room. I try to variate and create space for everyone to be in a pose, while allow anyone to push themselves to their edges. Every body is different, and I try to simply teach to what I observe in the posture and alignment on my students.

I use a lot of precise cues that you may never have heard before, so make sure you are ready to listen with fresh ears! Every class, sequence, and playlist are unique, I change my teaching as my practice evolves.

If you take my class expect meditation, unique sequences, back-bends, inversions, arm-balances, sun-salutations, and more! (but not in that order…)

I am teaching some very unique and adaptive sequencing so that everyone in the room can get a great disconnection from their internal dialogue and state of unison between the body and mind. Come find out what’s going on inside of you.

Music and My Yoga Classes

I come up with new playlists for nearly every class as well, my focus is on complimenting the asana practice and sometimes playing some stand-out dance music. All of my playlists are made through Spotify, so you can follow my Profile here if you have Spotify and get over 400 playlists to practice yoga to.

Hope to See You Soon!

I look forward to practicing yoga with you at East Wind on Riverside in Roseville or in Auburn, on High Street.

See my teaching schedule

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