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EROS PART 3 …Releasing NOW… (maybe done in a week or two)

I am now releasing music from EROS Part 3. The music will hopefully be all finished within the first two weeks of the year.

The completed tracks from the album are below:

EROS Part 3

Twitch - the E.T.

Twitch – the E.T.

In the not too distant future; one of the last human survivors on Earth, Liz, arrives on Mars to find …
Pure_Spice dune spice extraction inspired cover art by Artiphoria.ai

Pure Spice – the E.T.

This electro house track has been in the works for more than 6 months; I started with the vocal chops …
Robo Trash - the E.T.

Robo Trash – the E.T.

EROS Part 3 – Track 3 ROBO TRASH This is the Electro House adventure of a robot named T that …
Sardukaur Enlightenment - the E.T.

Sardukaur Enlightenment – the E.T.

This is a track I wrote over the last 5 or 6 months. It includes most the my favorite sounds …
ReCurve - the E.T.

ReCurve – the E.T.

120 BPM Electro- House Recurve has some of my favorite melodic work; the beginning took a little bit of time …
Shield Wall - the E.T.

Shield Wall – the E.T.

77BPM | D# Shield Wall is the first Drum and Bass Track! I am pretty excited for how it came …

the E.T. is Elliot’s EDM production alias

modern electronic music logo
the E.T. logo by Rae Kelly

The type of music that I make is completely centered around technology and manipulations of the human voice to create melodies. I spend a lot of time doing sound design! You’ll notice that a lot of the sounds I create are between a human and a machine; that is because I am very interested in sound design and creating a cinematic experience for the listener. I also enjoy experimental mixing and am for sure a plug-in afficionado; however I love and use stock Ableton for pretty much every aspect of mixing and sound design.

Currently, in this next album, Eros Part 3, I’ll be melding genres and musical styles and some new melodies that I have been working with to create unique sci-fi stories and heavily synthesized and curated beats. I am making minimal techno for the first time, Eros 3 will also include a couple new Drum and Bass tracks I have been mixing.

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The E.T. was created in 2014 as Elliot began to learn Ableton Live in Mysore, India when he was finished with his Ashtanga yoga practice for the day. My project, the E.T., has become a discography that continually expands and pushes into realms of artistic expression outside of sound. I have a state-of-the-art ITB production studio and love to create as often as I can.

Elliot produces music from high quality samples from the environment, his own self-taught sound design techniques, as well as lessons from the mythical and tremendously awesome legend of a man, Noer the Boy. Elliot is always striving to make higher quality mixes using the best of modern software. Elliot teaches yoga full-time in Sacramento and creates music with a laptop in a bedroom. Throughout the past year in particular, Elliot has experimented with various styles and genres to create a unique array of musical flavor centered around his favorite genres: Electro-House and Bass music. The music is guaranteed to get your body moving and creates a cinematic experience for your mind to journey through. Elliot recommends turning his music up to full volume to test the limits of your sound system and feel the texture of his uniquely designed sounds and atmospheres.



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