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the E.T. Music Project – created by the Elliot

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Soundcloud always gets updated first, follow me there for the underground sound. You can download my tracks on my soundcloud.


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-Subscribe to the E.T.’s Youtube Channel for music videos and production Live-Streams. I’m getting more and more into visualization software, so expect these to evolve alongside my music. I also plan on starting to LiveStream very shortly, so make sure you subscribe to get automatically updated.

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3 weeks ago

the E.T.

Pre-Save my album on Spotify!
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1 month ago

the E.T.

My album, EROS Part 2 is almost out!

I'll finish up the last track tonight.

Here are the finished tracks:
1. Nemoohan's Monolith
2. Subjugation
3. In the Machine
4. Drone Swarm
5. Virtual Enslavement
6. Robot Wobble
7. *Unreleased

After that I'll be making music videos 😀
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Buzzing from yoga tonight, I’m so happy to be an instructor 😀🙏

Got some more music coming in hot! Gona try to revamp my site tomorrow as well, gotta work on the ol’ marketing

Someone said my album cover for EROS looked like a lip? Does anyone else see this?

Come practice #mysore style #ashtanga #yoga with me tomorrow at 1!

Only 10$ if you sign up @
east_wind_yoga #roseville

Bring a towel, mat, and some…

My album just uploaded to Spotify, check it out when you have a chance 👽 🔭
#techno #house #dubstep

My #edm #album is up on Spotify:

Hope you like it 🕺🔥

Check out my new album "Eros, Pt. 2" live on Apple Music!

Pre-save my new album "Eros, Pt. 2" on Spotify: (powered by @distrokid)

Practicing #yoga is my bliss. Looking forward to rocking the house tonight at 5 in #Roseville. #ashtanga Workshop is on Saturday!! east_wind_yoga @ East Wind Yoga

Had a solid weekend of working with my boss dtlandscape taking down a couple of trees on a cell tower road up past woodland. 👷‍♂️ #work #adventure #trees #landscaping @ California

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Step 4.

-Subscribe to the E.T.’s mailing list for updates on free downloads and music videos, and shows.

Step 5.

-Download the E.T.’s most recent album 0 (‘ZERO’)


The E.T. was created in 2014 as a project in Ableton Live and has become a discography that continually expands. Elliot produces music from high quality samples from the environment, his own self-taught sound design techniques, and high quality mixes using the best of modern software. I teach yoga full-time in Sacramento and create music with my laptop every chance I get. Throughout the past year in particular, Elliot has experimented with various styles and genres to create a unique array of musical flavor centered around his favorite genres: Electro-House and Dubstep. The music is guaranteed to get your body moving. and to test the limits of your sound system.