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the E.T. is Elliot’s EDM production alias

Elliot is focused on cinematic sound design and mixing into the realm of extreme filth, as well as melding genres and musical styles to create unique stories and HEAVY beats.

Stream the E.T. on your favorite platform and follow me to get updated for new releases and follow me on social media to see how the sound evolves over time. Posting mostly on X.

EROS PART 3 – Coming soon in 2024


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the E.T. logo by Rae Kelly

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The E.T. was created in 2014 as Elliot began to learn Ableton Live. My project, the E.T., has become a discography that continually expands and pushes into realms of artistic expression outside of sound. Elliot produces music from high quality samples from the environment, his own self-taught sound design techniques, lessons from the legend, Noer the Boy and high quality mixes using the best of modern software. Elliot teaches yoga full-time in Sacramento and creates music with a laptop in a bedroom. Throughout the past year in particular, Elliot has experimented with various styles and genres to create a unique array of musical flavor centered around his favorite genres: Electro-House and Bass music. The music is guaranteed to get your body moving and creates a cinematic experience for your mind to journey through. Elliot recommends turning his music up to full volume to test the limits of your sound system and feel the texture of his uniquely designed sounds and atmospheres.

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