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For the past decade I have focused fairly comprehensively on understanding the human anatomy through yoga. I am simply trying to figure out how our bodies function; along with nutrition and exercise. My journey to India was a big part of this; but so was my time in Paris when I was 20. Spending time outside of the United States was very important to my understanding that this was something that I needed to do.


The Human Lymphatic System (The Immune System)

The Human Lymphatic System (The Immune System)

Artiphoria.AI Lymphatic system (aka the ”immune system’) – organs, tissues, and vessels work as a team to transport lymph (excreted …

The Anatomy of Breath: A Yogi’s Guide

In Yoga, the energy of breath is called prana (प्राण, prāṇa) which can be described as solar wind in the …
Henry Gray - the Father of modern anatomy

Henry Gray – the Father of modern anatomy

Henry Gray was an innovator and disruptor in the medical field with his surgically precise incisions and methodically meticulous explorations …
Elliot's Backpacking Trip through Yellowstone National Park

10 Days and 9 Nights Journeying through Yellowstone National Park’s Back Country

Elliot’s Yellowstone Adventure Overview Yellow is my Walking Routes Pink is my Hitching Routes When I first arrived in Cody, …
The Abdominal Wall and Attraction to Potential Partners

The Abdominal Wall and Attraction to Potential Partners

Have you ever been at the gym doing crunches and planks with your buddies and had no idea what you …

Human Shoulder Anatomy and Physiology

There are 3 bones in the human shoulder, or glenohumeral joint; the humerus, the clavicle, and the scapula. These bones …
nose breathing example

Nose Breathing & the Lungs

The Benefits of Nasal Breathing Ventilation and The Sympathetic Nervous System Breathing is a fundamental act of life. In humans, …

Femur Bone Anatomy: Pillars of Support for the Human Skeleton

Introducing the most Massive and Strong (in most ways) Bone in the Human Body There are 62 bones in the …
Mula Bandha | मूल बंध  (Bandhas part 1/4)

Mula Bandha | मूल बंध (Bandhas part 1/4)

The Mula Bandha and the Perineal Muscles Sanskrit for “MULA” – मूल In Sanskrit, Mula means “root”, foundation, origin, source, …
Cold 1936_Pneumonia_prop_strikes_like_a_man_eating_shark

What Does Cold Weather do to Your Body?

Cold Weather and Lower Temperatures Affect the Human Body The Human Body is made to deal with the Cold Cold …
Sciatic Nerve

The Sciatic Nerve: A River of Energy Suppyling Human Legs

The Anatomy of the Sciatic Nerve Also known as the ischiadic nerve or ischiatic nerve, the Sciatic Nerve is the largest nerve in …
Yoga's Heart Benefits

Five of Yoga’s Heart Benefits (Heart Health)

5 of Yoga’s Heart Benefits Yoga’s Heart benefits are rather robust, ranging from increased circulatory function to decreased heart rate, …
human bone anatomy

Human Bone Anatomy | Osteology

What are Bones? Bones are not inanimate rock like structures in the human body; bones are organs that produce red …
nose breathing

The Anatomy of Nose Breathing

Why is Nose Breathing Important? Nose breathing is the most essential part of yoga. It is also poorly understood in …
vegetable protein

Vegetable Protein Sources for the Average Vegetarian

Vegetable Protein Sources Vegetable protein isn’t hard to find. In fact, it’s probably already in your house, disguised. I am …
Yoga's Primary Benefits_autonomic_nervous_sytstem

Yoga’s Primary Benefits: Control of the Autonomic Nervous System

Yoga’s Primary Benefits Honestly, yoga’s primary benefits are still unknown. Our science isn’t good enough yet. Not really. Science is …
ashtanga workshop w/ Elliot cover

Yin Yoga Meditation

A Unique Approach to Meditation Meditation is one of my favorite things. Yoga, sitting cross-legged while doing various mental exercises, …

5 Reasons I Don’t Practice Ashtanga Everyday

I still practice Ashtanga. Just not every day. I practiced every day while I was in India up until 3 …

America is unhealthy



  1. Six in ten Americans live with at least one chronic disease, like heart disease and strokecancer, or diabetes[1]
  2. 50,000 people committed suicidein 2021 [2]
  3. Cancer is rampant; alcohol companies seem to be immune to scrutiny[3]
  4. Advertising Companies (including Instagram) are equally immune to criticism, despite tremendous evidence of their damage to mental health.

This is the biggest reason why I study anatomy, psychology, and nutrition. Diet, exercise, and mental/physical health cannot be quanitified; and the control of the information regarding them is extremely immoral. I think that these problems can be educated away. Here is my most recent research on Anatomy:

  1. Center for Disease Control – Chronic Disease
  2. CDC – Mental Health
  3. – alcohol
  4. Mental Health Research – the problem of advertising


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