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I couldn’t create this blog without a massive amount of support from online software services. I am extremely grateful for all of the service providers that make this website possible, and want to guide others through the shitstorm of products that I have experimented with over the years.


WordPress hosts the vast majority of the internet, especially the major brands. This site started as a free WordPress site that I built using free WordPress templates and themes. Using agile and lean product methodologies, I have been able to scale and find new providers and new ways of creating interacting posts and pages with my users. I’m constantly iterating and improving it.


I am a huge believer in Google. I have been since I was a kid. Their technology isn’t perfect, but their thirst for innovation is beautiful and I truly think that Larry Page and Sergey Brin have changed the world, for the better. Someday, I will write an article on the story of Alta Vista and how Google decimated them with marketing.

I use too many services from the company to even name. Suffice to say, I think Google saves the world, in its own way.

WordPress Engine

My host site, literally the BEST service I have ever used. When you are ready to launch a website FO Realz, this is the company I recommend using.


The security platform that keeps my site safe from hackers. They do a great job and are extremely efficient, especially considering that the service is free.

Astra Theme

This is a new addition to my site. I used custom themes before and even coded my own themes and this service is literally the most intuitive and easy design software that I have ever used.

Other Services

I have several other services for security and decreasing loading times. I also employ Google Ads on my site, to help me to recoup some money from the hosting service. Someday soon, I hope the website will be self-sufficient and I think that day might be soon! I’m hopeful.

What kind of services do you use for your website? What’s stopping you from creating your own website and brand? I’d love to hear from you. <3


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