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I have uploaded a lot of my new music here and am in the process of uploading EROS Part 3.. Check out the Free Downloads below, cop it while you can:

Download by clicking on the cover art

ReCurve - the E.T.

ReCurve – the E.T.

120 BPM Electro- House Recurve has some of my favorite melodic work; the beginning took a little bit of time …
Shield Wall - the E.T.

Shield Wall – the E.T.

77BPM | D# Shield Wall is the first Drum and Bass Track! I am pretty excited for how it came …
Sardukaur Enlightenment - the E.T.

Sardukaur Enlightenment – the E.T.

This is a track I wrote over the last 5 or 6 months. It includes most the my favorite sounds …
Robo Trash - the E.T.

Robo Trash – the E.T.

EROS Part 3 – Track 3 ROBO TRASH This is the Electro House adventure of a robot named T that …
Pure_Spice dune spice extraction inspired cover art by

Pure Spice – the E.T.

This electro house track has been in the works for more than 6 months; I started with the vocal chops …
Twitch - the E.T.

Twitch – the E.T.

In the not too distant future; one of the last human survivors on Earth, Liz, arrives on Mars to find …
Cover art for the E.T.'s Helios' Haven (by chat GPTs Dall-E)

Helios’ Haven – the E.T.

I wrote a track this morning and used my most recent drone footage to make a music video. I think …
the E.T. - Suppression

the E.T. – Suppression

My latest track is out now via YouTube and This is very influenced by the recent events with Elon …
Noer the Boy's Futuristic Sci-Fi Bass Album Review:

Noer the Boy’s Futuristic Sci-Fi Bass Album Review:

Noer the Boy is at the helm of a new generation of pioneers exploring the frequency spectrum through abstract bass …


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