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I strive to teach the best group classes possible at the studios that I am blessed to share yoga with. I am also open to individualized yoga classes, please contact me if you are interested, we can talk specifics.

I am a yoga teacher, certified (11/1/2013) with a 100 hour teacher training intensive headed by Ryan Bailey, who is now opening yoga reclaimed. There were some awesome guest teachers: Tyler Langdale, owner of Yoga Shala , Marilyn Castilaw and James Kapicka, who is founding Transcendence Festival. I completed my second 100 hour training in June 2014. I felt a calling to teach for a few years before I took the plunge, but quit my job and moved back West to do it! I am currently 25.

I graduated from Jesuit high school in 2007 and Gonzaga U in 2011. In 2010 I spent the year in Paris, and subsequently moved to Boston after graduating from Gonzaga to work in Big Data as a customer support specialist and product manager for 2 years. I left the field to pursue a dream and passion; to teach and practice yoga while traveling the world.

Major Influences – The gurus I consider most influential upon my journey (several include teachers that I haven’t met or studied with) include BKS Iyengar, Ryan Bailey, Bryan Kest, Rusty Wells, Scott Emerich, and Bear Tobin. I consider Ryan, whom I’ve practiced with for 5 years, to be my most influential teacher, though I am open to anyone who is intuitive, well-learned, and virtuous. I try to live my life by picking and choosing the most powerful and rewarding spiritual mentors as guides, by learning from various philosophies, religions, mythologies, and stories. I have also had the pleasure to learn from and practice with Tess Conrad, Natasha Bailey, Jamie Santana, Aaron Cantor, Goldie Kaufenberg, Julie Moore, James Kapicka, Susie Stites, and Les Levinthal. I would highly recommend any of their classes, from beginner to advanced. I hope to provide dynamic classes from hot Hatha yoga, Ashtanga based flow yoga, and hybrid combinations of the two. I have also been learning to teach Yin from Bernie Clark, and delving into the practice of acceptance.

I use influences from various types of yoga, but draw primarily from the Ashtanga yoga structure and the 8 limbs of Patanjali. I can teach personalized classes to rooms full of people. I decided to become a yoga teacher after my first job at a big data company in the marketing technology world, because I found myself thinking that when I retire, someday, I’m going to want to teach yoga. I love yoga and teaching it began to dominate my thoughts about two years ago. Now I have just begun teaching, but its a blast! It feels right and I have a great time doing it.

My dream is to practice and teach yoga while traveling the world. I like to read, write, paint, learn about information technology, practice yoga (of course!), meditate and watch good films. I love entertainment, including electronic music and Game of Thrones. I eat mostly vegetables, with eggs and goat cheese occasionally and lots of fruit.

If you are interested in my classes, see my schedule. If you are interested in a private lesson, shoot me an email: [email protected]

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