Krishna showing Arjuna his ultimate form

Quote of Day 12/14/13

Sri Krishna to Arjuna:

“Four kinds of virtuous men worship me, O’Arjuna. These are the distressed, the seeker of knowledge, the seeker of wealth, and the man of wisdom O’Bharata.

Of these, the man of wisdom, who is ever united with me in yoga, through single minded devotion, is the foremost. I am extremely dear to the man of wisdom and he too is very dear to me.

All these are noble indeed, but the man of wisdom I regards to be united in the self, and has resorted to Me alone as the Supreme Goal.

At the end of many births, the man of wisdom seeks refuge in Me alone, realizing ‘Vasudeva‘ is all. Its is indeed very difficult to find such a great soul (Mahatma).