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I’ve just finished updating the blog to scale as it grows, as you may know I’ve been running out of space for all of my pictures recently, which isn’t good because readers love pics. Now I have a lot more space and the pages of the site should load much faster. I’m excited to continue writing and to tie the blog into more of my yoga activities. Please let me know if you experience any issues with the site, but with new hardware I’d be surprised if you find anything…

This comes at the perfect time, since I am right about to start ramping up teaching yoga classes in Sacramento and possibly in Roseville and other suburbs. I move into Northern oak park on the 15th so I will also be upgrading my living situation, which I am very excited about.

I use Synthesis for hosting, in case you are interested. They are a bit expensive, but I’m really hoping the performance increases will keep people reading on the site instead of bouncing with a slow load time. I’m excited to see how the site performs over time. (PS this is my shortest post ever, I need to do this more!) Enjoy your week!



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