Elliot’s Wednesday Flow Yoga Class (Duration:1H 30M, Date: 5/31/2017)

Today I taught my flow yoga class that I sequenced and also used last night (which I actually won’t do anymore, cause some people back in the morning ;p), it was a pretty intense, there is warrior 3 and some lunging but extremely fun and rewarding sequence with lots of abdominals. The playlist is at the bottom of this page as well.

The flow began with breath cueing and ends with a bit of time for Savasana, the recording lasts about 90 minutes. There are a few sun salutation As and Bs and some great yogic exercises that I have come up with on my own and adapted from other people that I have studied with.

I hope the quality of the recording is acceptable, feel free to comment!

Please enjoy a Free Download of this challenging yoga class below

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Here is the Spotify Playlist



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