Humbled Hero’s Flow 1:30 Yoga Sequence

Recording from 4-11-2016, 7pm Flow Yoga Class at East Wind Yoga

Download the recoding from class below. I have created a detailed description of the sequencing and the postures/variations that you can use to deviate from the sequence seamlessly.

Humbled Hero’s Yoga Flow

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Posture 1: Hero’s pose w/ alternate nostril breathing

Posture 2: Child’s Pose with side-body stretching

Posture 3: Side plank extensions

Posture 4: Dolphin – Turbo Dog warm-up

Posture 5: 3 Legged Dog

Posture 6: Low Lunge>Cat>Airplane with arm under thigh

Posture 7: 3 Legged Dog squeezes>Dancing Shiva>3 legged dog>low lunge with backbend>pyramid>flamingo

Posture 8: Half lifts x3 – couple sun salutes

Posture 9: Crow Pose 5 Breathes

Posture 10: Standing Splits>Warrior 1

Posture 11: San Salutation B

Posture 12: Warrior 1>Humble Warrior> Bound Warrior 3

Posture 13: SS-Lunge-twist-W2 – 40 breathe

Posture 14: Padanghustasana>Warrior3 Transitions 5,4,3,2,1,

Posture 15: Chair+Twists

Posture 16: Wide Legged fold

Posture 17: Warrior 2>ext.Side Angle>ext.Half moon 30 reaches

Posture 18: Half Moon>Triangle>Splits>Upright hero>Eka-Pada-Virasana

Posture 19: Abs – elbows to knees – 10 breathes

Posture 20: Abs – stretch wide thigh to floor – 10 breathes

Posture 21: Abs – chop wood V-Ups hold at the end, cross ankle under, lift chest

Posture 22: Spinal twist 5 each side

Posture 23: windshield wiper up to bridge

Posture 24: Abs – Scuba Steves, Alternate Legs up and down

Posture 25: Bridge/Wheel

Posture 26: Abs – 20 V-ups lower back on floor

Posture 27: Wheel, leg extension

Posture 28: Supta Baddha konasana

Posture 29: 60 Supta Baddha pulse crunches

Posture 30: Reverse tabletop

Posture 31: Vertical hamstring stretch

Posture 32: Hip-opener

Posture 33: Single Legged Spinal Twist

That about does it for the sequence. There are some variations that I will bring in as well, but this is the core of the sequence. The main parts are the Warrior 1 to Warrior 3  transition through humble warrior, and the Padangusthasana to Warrior 3 transitions.


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