Lightning in a Bottle 2014 Recap

Holy cow! Lightning in a Bottle was beyond anything that I could have expected it to be. The people, the vibe, the location, the yoga, and of course the music made it all an unforgettable experience. The DJ’s, bands, and musicians were insanely talented and the stages had some of the loudest speakers on the planet. The party was raging.

Yoga was okay, not amazing, but it definitely got the job done during the hot days. I spent most of my time out at night, so the day-time sun didn’t completely wipe me out. It seems like a winning strategy for those that want to party into the night and you can sleep all day. The people were the coolest part; its great to see how different age groups handle the festival differently and each person was completely different in their own way. I’ve never seen so many cool/weird people in the same place.

The music was next level. Here are my favorites from the festival in order:

  1. Gramatik
  2. Little Dragon
  3. The Polish Ambassador
  4. Max Cooper
  5. Sibian Mobile Disco
  6. Phantogram
  7. Sol Rising

All of the musicians were incredible and they certainly knew how to put on a show. Little Dragon and Phantogram were also amazing visual performances. I was really surprised by the Polish Ambassador (he throws it down!) and a lot of other music that just blew my hard back.

Can’t wait for next year to see more…