Building Something Beautiful: Transcendence Festival

My friend, James Kapicka, is starting a festival in Sacramento. Its called Transcendence. I am pretty excited about it for a few reasons: first, Sacramento is where I live and having a cool festival here would be awesome, especially in the beginning of Winter; second, the focus is on yoga and partying(“community”), two of my favorite things in the world; third and final, some of the best yoga teachers I know will be together for a few days to teach yoga, camp, and have fun.

The yoga community in Sacramento is relatively well-formed; I think there are about twenty studios in Sacramento. Ryan Bailey, Karen M-B, Marilyn Castilaw, James, and a whole host of rad and awesome and inspiring yoga teachers will be there. I will be there too 🙂

This is something exciting that I feel honored to watch develop. I think it has the potential to be truly amazing; combine yoga with partying and crazy shi*t tends to happen, something I am a big fan of. This is something that could be very special and I think our community is ripe for it.

100 $100 tickets went on sale today. If yoga, camping, and having fun are your kind of things then you should definitely get the tickets while they are cheap. Honestly, $100 won’t even cover a camping site for three days, so this is a great deal. Check them out

Maybe I’ll see you there…