Riding an edge

It seems like no matter what you are doing, you are always trying to find a balance between two opposing forces. It happens in surfing, snowboarding, biking, running, swimming, football tackles, rugby, relationships, daily routines, and even yoga. And when you’re riding an edge, time seems to slow, I really think it can signify true growth.

In yoga, its that edge of discomfort that becomes relaxation at the end of a class or practice. Starting to stretch initially isn’t too fun for anyone. But once you get started, it just feels so good, spending an hour and a half doing becomes easy. Hot yoga also boasts some incredible health benefits, and one of the cool things that it allows for is riding edges within your body.

So similar to a surfer riding a wave, or a skier plowing down a mountain at full speed, yogis experience a deepening and fulfilling practice because they get to see what their body is capable of. It is a deepening practice with fulfilling rewards.

Riding edges also allows people to dissolve their limits. No one really knows what they are capable of, they just have ideas and expectations. Expectations can be dangerous, because you don’t react to what is presently before you, you react to what used to be.Image



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