Sitting Still

It’s interesting how hard it is to sit still nowadays. People will almost certainly look at you funny in public, and it seems like people feel weird doing it alone at home.

We are addicted to being busy, or at least seeming to be. People check their cell phone to avoid talking to each other, or to seem important when in a group of people. Its always interesting to put people together and watch them avoid connecting with one another.

Its funny how people think they don’t know how to meditate, almost as if its an ancient mythological practice that isn’t just about sitting, taking relaxed breathes, and trying not to think about anything. Kids should be taught how to do it first thing at school. Imagine if you were in Kindergarten and they taught meditation? That’s the future I see…

Anyways, I taught two classes on Friday, both of which were a blast. I had 7 people in Auburn and 8 in Roseville and we did some cool stuff, lots of warrior 3, lunging, and half moons. Can’t wait for the next time, its interesting how you can kind of sink into a comfortable place when you teach yoga…


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