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I am currently working hard on the primary and intermediate Ashtanga series, though I don’t practice them daily. I am prepping for India, where I will hopefully be by the beginning of next year. This includes handstand transitions, jump throughs, and putting my foot behind my head.

I plan to create a repository of information to assist you in your own practice, including some instructional videos on how to perform the poses. Stay tuned for those.


Bark is Essential for Landscaping

Tree and Plant Health: The Essential Role of Bark in Landscapes Bark decays to create ...
ReCurve - the E.T.

ReCurve – the E.T.

120 BPM Electro- House Recurve has some of my favorite melodic work; the beginning took ...
Shield Wall - the E.T.

Shield Wall – the E.T.

77BPM | D# Shield Wall is the first Drum and Bass Track! I am pretty ...
Shaucha | शौच | purity & cleanliness

Shaucha | शौच | purity & cleanliness

Shaucha is the 1st Niyama of Yoga; or the restraints of behavior. This concept that ...
Dall-E & the E.T. - Santosha

Santosha | संतोष | Contentment | Satisfaction

Santosha, the second Niyama of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras is sometimes spelled Santosa, is a portmanteau ...

Unlock Your Inner Zen – Daoist Yoga with Elliot

Enjoy this 30 minute Daoist yoga sessions for your major muscles and nerves. Flow with ...
Sardukaur Enlightenment - the E.T.

Sardukaur Enlightenment – the E.T.

This is a track I wrote over the last 5 or 6 months. It includes ...
Robo Trash - the E.T.

Robo Trash – the E.T.

EROS Part 3 - Track 3 ROBO TRASH This is the Electro House adventure of ...
Pure_Spice dune spice extraction inspired cover art by

Pure Spice – the E.T.

This electro house track has been in the works for more than 6 months; I ...
Twitch - the E.T.

Twitch – the E.T.

In the not too distant future; one of the last human survivors on Earth, Liz, ...
Cover art for the E.T.'s Helios' Haven (by chat GPTs Dall-E)

Helios’ Haven – the E.T.

I wrote a track this morning and used my most recent drone footage to make ...
The History and Origins of Christmas

The History and Origins of Christmas

Elliot's Note about this article this article is not meant to be exhaustive; the history ...
Elliot Telford Yoga - Yin Yoga Meditation Video #1

Elliot Telford Yoga – Yin Yoga Meditation Video #1

take a load off your mind and meditate more I recorded a little video before ...
What to Expect in Your First Yoga Class

What to Expect in Your First Yoga Class

3 hard and fast rules for doing yoga in public Everyone should try yoga. Public ...


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