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I am currently working hard on the primary and intermediate Ashtanga series, though I don’t practice them daily. I am prepping for India, where I will hopefully be by the beginning of next year. This includes handstand transitions, jump throughs, and putting my foot behind my head.

I plan to create a repository of information to assist you in your own practice, including some instructional videos on how to perform the poses. Stay tuned for those.

Getting into Rock Climbing in 2022

I've always loved the mountains. I also can't get enough of a good view. There ...
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Finishing Landscaping Projects

This has been a year full of really cool landscaping projects! I've had a lot ...
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Elliot's Backpacking Trip through Yellowstone National Park

10 Days and 9 Nights Journeying through Yellowstone National Park’s Back Country

Elliot's Yellowstone Adventure Overview Yellow is my Walking Routes Pink is my Hitching Routes When ...
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The Health Benefits of Mushrooms

Are mushrooms healthy? Like the kinds that you can find at the grocery store? The ...
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Halloween : Origins and Traditions

Halloween marks the end of the harvest season and beginning of the darker half of ...
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The Wanderer, Part 36

Read see the first story of this series here: The Wanderer, Part 1 or the ...
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Ashtanga Yoga with Elliot Workshop

I am honored to present you with my upcoming workshop series on Ashtanga Yoga. You ...
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Wonka’s Wubbalicous

I've been designing sounds for about 7 years now, far more often when I first ...
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Taking Time off Landscaping to Recharge

The summer months are getting hotter and hotter in Northern California with increased risk of ...
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Building New Fences in 2021

This year has centered me around replacing fences in the area due to the major ...
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Noer the Boy’s Futuristic Sci-Fi Bass Album Review:

A Forlorn Hope Noer the Boy is at the helm of a new generation of ...
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crystal cave OUT

the E.T. – Crystal Caves is OUT NOW

Sorry its been so long since I've posted about my music here. I'm getting back ...
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Yoga with Elliot | Episode 2

Triangle Pose and Hamstrings - Intermediate 30 minute Sequence Overcoming Technical Difficulties for a longer ...
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yoga with Elliot Landscape

Elliot has started a new Youtube Yoga Channel!

Episode 1: Chaturanga Dandasana and the Obliques I am so so so so so super ...
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