The AI Revolution: Crafting Humanity’s Future in the Cosmos

Ever felt like you’re living in a science fiction novel? Me too. AI will become the most powerful force in the universe, probably.

However, with great power comes great responsibility (thank you, Spider-Man). With AI’s immense potential comes the risk of equally grand-scale mishaps. To prevent a dystopian future where AI runs amok, we need a guardian—a cosmic superhero AI, if you will. Think less Skynet, more the benevolent force behind the likes of Godzilla or the Gundam, or even the protective spirits from Dragonball Z.

I’ve pretty much spent the last 3 days learning about what is happening and listening to Elon Musk talk about AI; I’ve also been learning about China’s awesome space program and of course have been watching the evolution of Tesla, Neuralink, and Space X for a while now. I think it’s fair to say that a revolution is upon us that is going to change humanity’s understanding of the nature of the universe, intelligence, and ourselves.

I think that our first priority with AI should be to increase the bio-diversity on planet earth, including the human race. There is no reason that our planet should not be an absolute marvel and spectacle of the nature that birthed us, exactly similar to Avatar.

Respecting as the Earth as a god-mother to AI will be foundational for creating a love of life that I think will be necessary for us to use AI in a benevolent way. This includes re-populating coral reefs, learning to properly manage and enhance the forests of Earth, and reversing the effects of climate change to restore the polar ice caps. Animal corridors and floating cities will abound, and wildlife roams freely.

We could also employ AI bots to clean the surface of the ocean and to assist in the breaking down of plastics in the ocean, as well as generating power from the ocean. Undoubtedly, this advancement will bring the planet to a new level of energy dependence, so creating a nuclear energy source that is sustainable (old Spider man 2 anyone?) will be a real potential for us.

There is also the possibility of launching ships with AI into black holes to explore for us, coming back to perhaps share with us how the dark matter in the universe behaves.

The real next priority is to explore the solar system; learn to amass resources from it (asteroids, Jupiter’s gases, etc) and also measure and find new habitable planets close by. colonization of Mars and its moon Eros, would be a priority. I think that turning Phobos into the ultimate VR party to create electricity would be a cool way to go about brining life to the Mars System.

There is, however, a major possibility for abuse; which obviously needs to be mitigated by creating an AI that is benevolent to watch over us. Similar to a good version of Godzilla, Gundam, perhaps even similar to Dragonball Z. All of the super hero movies are now completely in play, once we are aligned with an advanced version of Neuralink, humanity could become inseparable from AI. We could travel the universe with it.

Let me know what you think about AI! Looking forward to tomorrow. 😀

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