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The first thing that has to be talked about with AI is ethical responsibility. Most people do not have proper ethics. It’s time to learn. Check out UNESCO IBM Wikipedia and Google for this.

There is currently a scarcity mindset that exists on planet Earth. We only have so many fossil fuels (surely they will someday run out); however we are probably no-where near that point (feel free to disagree in the forum). It is also extremely likely that we will invent carbon sinks (natural and machine..perhaps both?!?) in the new few decades, which could reverse the existing effects. We could also very carefully terraform our planet to support the largest amount of biodiversity that Earth has ever seen; which is what I would encourage.

However, this approach is very biased. It assumes that the greenhouse gas effect is irreversible, for which there is no supporting data. In fact, the existing data suggest that planet Earth has gone through many phases of extinction to get to where we are right now. It also assumes that the greenhouse gas effect is a negative thing for the planet, which also might not be true… we simply do not have enough data to know such things. And it is true that the Earth goes through phases in alignment with the life on the planet at the time (take the massive plankton extinction that nearly wiped all life off of planet Earth 250 million years ago, for instance).

I have no doubt that the old growth forests in the world, as well as the existing endangered species on Earth will be thoroughly protected in the future. We are guardians of the natural world; it is our birthright to transform this planet into a Utopia. The primary opposition to this is internal to humanity; greed and ignorance.

So with that said, let’s assume that we are all biased and that very shortly here, we are going to get to a point where we can learn about our biases and become more efficient at learning. At this point, we will start to run out of electricity. The reasoning is that we are all competing to make the coolest art, or mine bitcoin to create more crypto money, or conquer the planet with AI at the cost of mucho energies.

So we start getting into ethical use cases and most of this surrounds using electricity. The question becomes, how efficient are you with your energy consumption? Do you turn everything off when you sleep? Regulating this becomes a big deal, especially when the wealthy will compete with the poor for the resource.

We also have to deal with the fact that most people will use AI in a predatory way; mostly in advertising and politics; both of which are obviously corruptible. Also intelligent cheating and rates of fraud will rise drastically over the next decade. It is going to be more important than ever for us humans to learn to be honest and also to trust each other and also maintain a healthy degree of skepticism for the future.

The Continued Problem of Electricity

Charts FTW

This is an awesome look at how the world produces Carbon (which, by the way, is the primary fuel of plants on our planet). You can see that there are several countries using large amounts of carbon, even more than the United States.

Here is a separate chart on the use of energy by source:

So we have a very dirty economy of oil and coal that has not yet been properly supplemented by solar energy, which is, in my opinion, the way to produce the cleanest energy on planet Earth. We could literally throw a space station full of batteries into orbit and just shuttle the giant batteries back and forth between orbit and the planet’s surface to allow them to recharge. Or we can mind asteroids and awaken age old alien species that have been dormant to protect the exploitation of energy in the universe /s

In the meantime, we need to focus on nuclear fission and creating enough energy to power the quantum processors that run AI. This leads us into our first post-energy crisis problem. Climate Change.

Lets Postulate that Climate Change is Misunderstood

Do you ever feel like science is really bad at predicting the weather? There are undoubtedly classified and non-public variables (international energy regulations and agreements) that we are dealing with; but if climate science was decently understood at all, we would be able to predict the weather with a bit of accuracy, which does not seem to be the case. As we spew energy into the atmosphere, the climate becomes more variable and unpredictable; however, the green house gas effect might actually have a net positive impact on plant and animal life on planet Earth.

Consider, for instance, the new evolutionary theories that have gained traction since Darwinism (which at this point, honestly, is a bit archaic, though Darwin was a genius). Pangenesis was Charles Darwin‘s hypothetical mechanism for heredity, in which he proposed that each part of the body continually emitted its own type of small organic particles called gemmules that aggregated in the gonads, contributing heritable information to the gametes.[1] This is originally from Hippocrates of Kos (/hɪˈpɒkrətiːz/Greek: Ἱπποκράτης ὁ Κῷος, translit. Hippokrátēs ho Kôios; c. 460 – c. 370 BC), also known as Hippocrates II, was a Greek physician of the classical period who is considered one of the most outstanding figures in the history of medicine.

gamete (/ˈɡæmiːt/; from Ancient Greekγαμετή (gametḗ) ‘wife’, ultimately from Ancient Greekγάμος(gámos) ‘marriage’) is a haploid cell that fuses with another haploid cell during fertilization in organisms that reproduce sexually.[1] Gametes are an organism’s reproductive cells, also referred to as sex cells.[2]

Modern Synthesis is the model we should be using currently imho. Julian Huxley coined the term during World War II.

Here is the process:

Let’s say that life on Earth is evolving, somewhat quickly, which seems to be true if you are a naturalist looking at photos from around the world depicting animal behaviors (which includes humanity). The increased speed of the feedback loop would enable faster evolution over time, which means that the species on Earth will evolve more rapidly over time. This becomes a major problem for humanity; the animal species could, in theory, evolve beyond our capacity to defend ourselves from the primordial world. We have this nuanced competition for resources on the planet and eventually we will be competing with animals that have evolved beyond our ability to compete with them for resources. This could become an even bigger issue than climate change, especially in the near future, if humanity is able to survive the increased variability in the weather and planetary super-events (mud-slides, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, etc). Something to think about.

“The only problem we really have is we think we’re not supposed to have problems!” – some rich asshat

I love Google. Thank you for your work!


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HAZE - the E.T. (offish_back)

HAZE – the E.T.

HAZE an EDM album by the E.T.

Haze is the next level of evolution for the E.T., with 9 brand new tracks and a ton of new inspiration. This is the E.T.‘s fourth independent album and the quality continues to skyrocket. I worked extremely hard on all of these tracks and appreciate any and all of the support that I get.

So without further adieu, enjoy the adventure:

[purchase_link id=”69432″ style=”button” color=”red” text=”HAZE – Free Download” direct=”true”]

HAZE – the E.T.


Hyper Drive was one of my favorite tracks ever to produce, I’ve literally spent the last 4 months writing in all of the melodies. I take a lot of influence from Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Odesza, Daft Punk, and Wolfgang Gartner in writing this track and used a lot of sounds that are pretty similar to them.

The intro is a fantastic voyage through the different textures of the track, mostly using the Juno synthesizer from Yamaha, which I am now using in most of my productions. It cascades into a radiant bass-scape with heavy engine shutters and grimey dubstep basses in combination with some really beautiful melodies.

The ending has a synthesizer solo that I created with Serum, its pretty grungy and awesome to listen to and sounds different, every time that I hear it. Enjoy the adventure through sonic space-time!


Acid Urine is a Dubstep track that has actually been finished for a couple of months. I’ve been making final touches to it, so you can definitely consider this one of my more thought out tracks. It is pretty original, lots of weird sound designs in it, but overall it pumps and I think it gives a feeling of future dubstep, kind similar to G Jones. I have a track that I am producing right now that sounds pretty similar to him, so I can see that influence continuing to grow.

Enjoy the heavy bass-lines, it gets really dancy at the end. So glitchy, and yeah the first drop is heavy, turn it up.


Escape Endor is probably my favorite track that I have produced. The Arp in combination with the Bass synthesis is just so groovy and in combination with the vocals, its vibes create an almost irresistible booty shaking.

It reminds me of when Walker Boh escaped the Martixy thing in the book Terry Brooks wrote about the Elfstones. Like Neo in the last scene before he becomes a demi-god or whatever.

It’s a little cray, but turn up the bass cause the mix is solid.


Force is a Bass-House track that kinda came outta nowhere in the last week of writing the album. The melodies and bass are simple, but powerful and fun. Turn up the mix on this one, it will definitely get you dancing.


Broke is a pretty special track for me in how it represents my continued advancement into the genre of Glitch-Hop. The soundscape is insane and the sub is almost overpowering in the mix, but the sounds of dubstep interlace some glitchy and beautiful melodies.

Broke contains some of my most unique sound designs and many of the sounds will be used in the future to fit into my future trap/bass/glitch-hop tracks.


Lucid is a Future Dubstep & Trap Adventure that was very much inspired by the music of REZZ, which I find to be hypnotic and a bit simple, but very compelling. This track hits hard and has some really cool bass sounds so make sure you listen with at least a little bit of subwoofer.


Discovery has my favorite melodies of the entire album. To me, this track is all about inspiration and finding after the search, it really was quite a surprise to come up with some of the excellent sounds that create this dreamscape. Very inspired with my sound design in the Yamaha Juno series, expect some exciting melodies in combination with some filthy bass.


Hive Buzz is a French House track, meaning that I took an old disco sample, then turned it into a house beat. The bass here is undeniably booty-shaking and the melodies are a beautiful contract to create a disco-like future-house atmosphere. Tell your friends!


Juno is the final track of Haze and contains some of my most ambitious sounds from the album, many of which were created in the Juno synth and from using emulations. It really is an incredibly good sounding synthesizer that represents the 80’s so expect some retro sounds in this track, though the mix is extremely modern. I love the vocal manipulations and how they turn into a kind of atmospheric melody for the track.

HAZE was probably about 500-600 hours worth of total work. I really have worked my ass off for the last 6 months to bring you guys these tracks, so if you enjoy them, please help me to share them. I am also creating a little commentary track on writing the album that I will include with the FREE DOWNLOAD BELOW.

[purchase_link id=”69432″ style=”button” color=”red” text=”HAZE – Free Download” direct=”true”]

The Future After HAZE

Now off to the future of the E.T. I am pretty sure that I am going to enter into CloZee’s remix contest, her latest mix with Pretty Lights was spectacular and I absolutely love her sound. It seems to be the perfect next step.

I also have a couple tracks that are in progress, of course 😉 One is called ‘Blow It’ and sounds a lot like G Jones, and I am working towards that level of Glitchy-Future-Trap and Bass tracks. Look forward to the future 🙂

The album will be out on Streaming Services within a week.



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