Classes for the Week of 12/5/16

I have been doing my best to record my classes, but of course am running into a few technical difficulties. Just need to get rechargeable batteries.

I have included the first 1:10 or so of my Yin class from Friday night. The last few poses in those classes are usually spinal twists, so you can ensure that you lower back releases.

I am also including a bunch of my music from this week in the post. All of my playlists are on Spotify, I’ll add 3 of the most recent below.

As for my schedule, I will be updating it with another class on Tuesday. Make sure you check it out if you haven’t already.

Classes this week have been focused on twists. I am charging my battery right now for tomorrow, so expect another download!


Yin from 12/2 (well apparently the file is too large? I teach Yin again on Friday and will record it. Until then namaste, sorry I don’t have the audio up yet.

Power Songs

Yin Songs

Flow Songs

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