Jois Yoga Shala

Places of Interest in Gokulam

A few of my upcoming blogs are going to be simply photo blogs. Pictures speak a thousand words

Gokulam City Center
Gokulam City Center, you can see the rickshaw stand on the right, and the street leading to the Jois Shala in the center
Gokulam Coconut Stand
Gokulam Coconut Stand, somewhat the center of the town
Gokulam Cell Tower, on top of the hill in Gokulam
Saraswathi’s Shala, this is where I practice. In the morning, there is no one outside and it is dark
Sri Chakra House
Sri Chakra House, quiet and highly recommended. Great food, great company, drinkable water, Wifi. This is a great place to rest, relax and refuel.
Osho Meditation Center
Osho Meditation Center and Mystic school, called by many the “second best” yoga Shala in Mysore. I hope to study there in March
Gokulam Children's Center
Gokulam Children’s Center, really beautifully decorated, but I never see any children there
Ashtanga Institute, Mysore
Jois Shala of the Ashtanga Institute, Gokulam, Mysore



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the burning rainbow forest

The Burning Rainbow Forest

This is my most recent painting. I started it wanting to create an impressionist landscape with symbolic elements and sensational colors. Then I drew three hills and then painted the sky, then the sun, hills, then trees. I completed the paining on 11/23/14, but worked on it for over a year, it was really a fun painting from the start to finish. Check it out, please let me know what you think in the comments… I love criticism, so please bring it! Check out the different views below:

burning sky
burning sky
burning river valley
burning river valley


rainbow hill
rainbow hill
the burning rainbow forest
the burning rainbow forest

keep in mind that it looks better in person!


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