Teaching 5 Days Straight

For the last five days I’ve taught an hour and a half class at the studio. It’s been a great experience, one where I’ve really gotten to know myself as a teacher in a new way.

I’ve realized that I like to practice before I teach. It puts me into my body so that I can journey with other people through theirs as they practice. When I teach every morning, its easy to wake up before 9 and start my practice. I can see myself waking up a lot earlier in the future to practice before I teach. Its important to me to respect the practice and teach from my own mat.

As a teacher, coming up with sequencing is something that is personal to you and no doubt driven by your own practice. I am getting better at sequencing classes because of the repetition; it forces me to think a lot about why we are doing what we are doing. A daily practice has always been what resonates with me. Honestly, I’m really excited to go to India because I love the practice so much. I could hide away in a mountain with other yogis and a teacher and practice for hours every day. No problem.

I think the part of yoga that I like the most is building the awareness of my body. That kind of awareness spreads far beyond the yoga mat; eventually it seems to creep into everything. Its interesting how awareness of yourself grows so much in the first stages of yoga. But then the awareness seems to branch out, to envelope everything. Spirituality is something that grows in harmony with the environment, in fact, it is the very definition of spirituality.

Anyways, it’s been fun putting together the playlists and seeing all the awesome yoga people. Getting into sequencing on a deeper level has been really rewarding as well; I’m really excited to continue getting better at moving people through their bodies.

Teaching is draining, more emotionally than physically in my opinion. Especially when you put a lot into preparing and being present during the entire class. But I’m happy to flex those brain muscles, I’m sure I’ll take it to new heights soon. But I am stoked that I got the opportunity to grow, big thanks to Marilyn and Usha for allowing me to hold the space. Still waiting on my response from Mysore, I sent my application in to the Ashtanga Institute on October 1st.

Now its time to relax and enjoy my weekend; you should do the same!  (but remember we are at war right now, I’m reading the news on BBC because they seem to be the least biased. Its important not to forget!)



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